Removing the "unexplained" from your fertility journey

Fertility Fast Track

What's Included:

  • 1 DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel

  • 1 Comprehensive Blood Panel (over 65 markers)

  • 1x90-minute Strategy Session to discuss testing interpretations & personalized plan including nutrition, supplements & lifestyle recommendations that you can start immediately

  • 1x60-minue Follow-up Session to asses progress & make adjustments to your plan if needed

How it works:

1. Enroll in the Fertility Fast Track Plan above by choosing one 15-minute appointment. This is the time you & I will go over collection instructions for both the DUTCH Complete & Comprehensive Blood Panel.

2. Complete lab work.

3. Receive your results & personalized Fertility Plan.


The Fertility Fast Track allows you to get a completely customized plan to support your fertility WITHOUT the 6-month commitment I usually ask clients to make.

*Option to add follow-up sessions to track progress in 3 month increments or month to month options after strategy & first follow-up sessions are completed for ongoing support and progress. 

**Limited amount of Fast Track client spots available

***Comprehensive Blood Panel is not available for those living in NJ, NY, RI, please inquire about options if you live in one of these states