Removing the "unexplained" from your fertility journey, one couple at a time!


What's Included per partner:

  • 1 DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel

  • 1 Comprehensive Blood Panel with over 65 markers

  • 1x90-minute Strategy Session to discuss testing interpretations & personalized plan including nutrition, supplements & lifestyle recommendations that you can start immediately

  • 1x60-minue Follow-up Session to asses progress & make adjustments to your plans if needed

How it works:

1. Enroll in the Fertility Fast Track Plan above by choosing one 15-minute appointment. This is the time you & I will go over collection instructions for both the DUTCH Complete & Comprehensive Blood Panel for each partner.

2. Each partner will complete lab work.

3. Receive your results & personalized Couples Fertility Plan.


The Fertility Fast Track allows you to get a completely customized plan to support your fertility WITHOUT the 3-month commitment I usually ask clients to make.

*Option to add follow-up sessions to track progress in 3 month increments or month to month options after strategy & first follow-up sessions are completed for ongoing support and progress. 

**Limited amount of Fast Track client spots available

***Comprehensive Blood Panel is not available for those living in NJ, NY, RI, please inquire about options if you live in one of these states

Want to be sure this is the right fit for you? Book a complimentary consultation first before booking your Couples Fast Track package.