Growing Healthy Families

Have you found yourself here today because you have been going through the heartbreaking journey of infertility?


Perhaps you know your nutritional status in the 6 - 12 months prior to conceiving will have lasting effects on your health and the health of your child & you're ready to get healthy for your future family?


You might have found yourself feeling depressed, anxious or not in control of your fertility journey? No matter the reason that has brought you here, I am glad you have found me!

Here at The Nourishing Tree, I arm couples with a plan to regain the power over their fertility & finally conceive the baby of their dreams.


Get down to the root cause; Optimize your hormones & your fertility.

Working together through Functional Nutritional Therapy, you and I work towards healing your body and finding the root cause of your hormone imbalances. I support you and your body during the journey to restore and revive your fertility.

1. Schedule your consultation.

2. Pick your perfect package.

3. Complete lab work.

4. Receive your personalized fertility plan.

5. Optimize your fertility.

Beat Infertility

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

-Benjamin Franklin