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Dealing with Mold Toxicity?

Helping those with toxic mold exposure feel like themselves again

Restore Energy

Clear Brain Fog

Quiet Your Body

Image by Stefano Pollio

Can't go on feeling this way? Know there has to be a way to feel like yourself again? If you feel like you're trudging through the mud, your hair is shedding in massive amounts, you're gaining weight & your brain seems to be failing you, rest assured you can flip the script on mold toxicity & regain the confidence in your body. Do not let another month go by feeling like this.

Put the hope back into your health when you work with The Nourishing Tree

On Going Support

Receive dedicated support through 1:1 sessions & access to your client portal 24/7 to ask questions, get feedback & monitor progress.


Whole-Person Approach

Successful "recovery" requires a healthy body. Rest assured that you are doing everything you can to start feeling well again with a comprehensive whole-body approach to mold toxicity.


Personalized Protocols

Every health journey is unique. You'll receive a plan that is designed specifically for you based on in-depth lab work including mycotoxin testing & adapts to your needs as you work through the process.


When you are completely drained & nothing is helping, feeling confident your body will feel normal again can feel impossible.

By working with The Nourishing Tree, you'll receive the support you need every step of the way through the proven framework that supports your body & helps you feel like you again (not worse).

Image by Aditya Saxena

Master Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner

Trained to interpret in-depth lab work & design custom health improvement plans that go beyond basic recommendations & produce better results.

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

I guide you through your detoxification supplement & nutritional plan that works with your body to support progress & is proven to work!

Mold Toxicity Expert 

Trained to recognize the signs of toxic mold exposure, how it affects processes in your body & how to guide you through every step of the path towards being a mold-free body.

Schedule Your Consultation

Work Through Your Personalized Mold Protocol With Constant Support

Get Back to Feeling Like Yourself Again

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