The Big Fat Positive in 6 Months
Guarantee Program

Complete comprehensive testing for both partners

Discover the root cause to your fertility challenges

Finally have a plan that actually improves your chances

Stop spinning your wheels with Google searches & Facebook forums 

Avoid invasive, expensive procedures

Improve your health & your future baby's health

Prepare for healthy full-term pregnancy

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 The Big Fat Positive Program Includes:

Lab work for Her: ($7,000 value)

Comprehensive Blood Panel


DUTCH Complete 

Vaginal Microbiome Health Kit

Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity

Organic Acids Test

GPLTox + Glyphosate

Mycotox Mold Panel

Lab work for Him: ($3,500 value)

Comprehensive Blood Panel


Organic Acid Test

Mycotox Mold Panel

GPLTox + Glyphosate

Semen Analysis + DNA Fragmentation

6 Months of 1:1 sessions for each partner
($6,000 value)

Total Program Value of $17,500

 The Big Fat Positive Within 6 Months
Guarantee Program*:

Please inquire during your consultation about payment plan options & the use of your HSA/FSA. Additional testing can be added on including MRT170 Food Sensitivities, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, 3x4 Genetics & more.
*Conditions apply, please inquire during your consultation.