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Should you accept unexplained infertility as your diagnosis?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Is unexplained infertility truly un-explainable? Or has the reason for your fertility struggles just been overlooked?

While not every couple is going to have the same root cause, or reason, for their fertility challenges, there are at least 5 reasons that are most common.

The top 5 issues, or combination of issues I see most commonly in practice include:

  • Thyroid Problems ... either over or under functioning and sets your body's metabolism and is essential for good amounts of progesterone

  • Adrenal Issues ... again either over or under functioning & relates to your stress response. Typically either fight, flight or freeze.

  • Inflammation

  • Immune Activation

  • Oxidative stress (Genetic Abnormalities inside the eggs or sperm)

I just want to be up-front with the information that it is very rarely just one of those 5. Oftentimes by the time we start to have troubles getting pregnant one of the above has rolled into a few of the above.

This is because your body is a whole system, it needs every organ and gland to be functioning well for your fertility to work well, and when one gland or organ is not in top shape it starts to bring down the functioning of other organs and glands.

Why do these 5 go overlooked so often even when you have gone from specialist to specialist and always been told "everything is normal"?

Quite honestly, I believe your hormones, uterus & ovaries are the only things that are being considered.

I take up a huge issue with this because typically your hormones are the last thing to go out of whack when something is wrong in the body. You could have all 5 of the common reasons for unexplained infertility and your estrogen & progesterone might come back just fine. You're ovulating so why can't you get pregnant?

Join me over the coming weeks as I explore each of the 5 root causes for unexplained infertility in-depth.

Do you have unexplained infertility?

Ready to get answers & finally have a game plan to help get you pregnant? Schedule a consultation right now & let's get you what you have been needing for a long time now.

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