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When Metformin Isn't the Answer.

Could pesky gut bugs be the reason your PCOS isn't getting better?

So you have PCOS & you have tried Metformin & you have followed a blood sugar control diet, but yet your PCOS isn't getting any better. So what gives?

Inflammation stemming from a gut infection could be the missing link. Studies have shown that low-grade chronic inflammation from gut bacterial over-growths can cause your adrenal glands to pump out more androgenic hormones. Those androgens are the "male hormones" that become elevated in those with classic PCOS symptoms.

Not only would this gut infection cause your body to overproduce hormones like DHEA & Testosterone but the toxins from the gut infection also make it very hard for your body to regulate blood sugar. This is why something like metformin might not be helping you as much as you would want. The medication is having a hard time fighting against whatever is going on in the gut, not to mention that one of the nasty side effects of metformin is digestive upset.

This blood sugar dysregulation then leads to more hormone dysregulation.

You are now stuck in a viscous cycle where gut bugs drive elevated hormones & blood sugar and elevated blood sugar drives elevated sex hormones even farther in the wrong direction. All while having to deal with systemic body wide inflammation.

So how do we break the cycle? Well, if the ecosystem in your gut is one of the issues, we start there! We work to remove the out-of-control bacteria and support the beneficial bacteria. Having a stool panel run, such as the GI MAP or even having a CBC blood panel run through your PCP, can clue you in on if this is an issue for you & what you can do about it.

While eating for blood sugar control is always a major piece of the puzzle with PCOS, if we are missing the gut connection our efforts with unfortunately fall short & we will be left wondering why our PCOS isn't getting any better.

Does this feel like you? Schedule your complimentary consultation & let's get that gut & PCOS in check finally!

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